WELCOME to OfficeEMRTM SETUP Please take a moment to configure your browser to run OfficeEMRTM

Step #1 - Click Here to run the Office EMRTM configuration tool

Step #2 - Close this window and launch the new OfficeEMR icon on your desktop

OfficeEMRTM Setup Complete Congratulations, you may now login to OfficeEMRTM.
Login to OfficeEMR
OfficeEMRTM Setup OfficeEMR can only run within Internet Explorer.
Please exit and open Internet Explorer.
OfficeEMRTM Setup There was a problem configuring your machine.
Please click here to learn how to Reset Internet Explorer

If you are still experiencing issues after following the
above steps, please contact support and we will get you
up and going as fast as possible.

If you believe that your computer is already configured, please feel free to Skip to the Login Page. Contact Support: 317.687.8128